Laser pipe cutting machine: Functional features of laser cutting machine for pipe cutting applications

Metal pipes are divided into many types, such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, etc., and the application fields of pipes are also different. The specific selection needs to be determined according to each industry. In industrial applications, pipes will also be cut into various shapes to ensure precision. For example, the irregular surface cutting of pipes requires no longer just traditional cutting processes.

The traditional process is not suitable for cutting irregular surfaces of pipes. The cutting effect is not very ideal and may cause deformation and damage of the pipe. Even if it is cut, there may be burrs and irregular edges.

The working principle of laser cutting machine for pipe cutting applications: When the laser beam shines on the pipe, the irradiated area will heat up rapidly to melt or vaporize the material. Once the laser beam penetrates the tube, the cutting process begins: the laser beam moves along the set cutting position while melting the material. After cutting the pipe, only a narrow slit is left, which is almost as wide as the laser beam.

Laser cutting has almost no restrictions on the material, shape, size, processing environment, etc. of the pipe. It is flexible and convenient to operate. Laser cutting has high precision and few burrs, which greatly reduces the processing time of subsequent processes. Even when changing the diameter or shape of the pipe, you only need to modify the program.

Compared with traditional cutting methods, metal pipe laser cutting machines not only have high speed and low consumption, but also have no mechanical stress on pipe fittings. Therefore, the effect, accuracy and cutting speed of the cut products are very good, and it also has the characteristics of simple maintenance.

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