8kw laser cutting machine
Zhongpin group has a standardized intelligent equipment man-ufacturing base with a total area of more than 70,000 square meters, it has two intelligent eauipment brands, “PMSK” and “zPG”.
Focusing on the fields of intelligent manufacturing of customized furniture and laser cutting of metal materials,respectively, we are committed to providing global customers with intelligent equip. ment and automation application solutions in two major areas.
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Distribution and after-sales

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Production equipment

Robot Welding System
Making the bed stronger and higher accurate, also reducing the labor and improving working efficiency.
Resistance Furnace
High precision machining of the bed ensures the accuracy of the bed. thereby ensuring the yield rate of the product during the production process
Automatic Shot Blasting
Removing the extra rust layer, oxide skin and oil stain of the bed, reducing the environmental pollution, strengthen the surface quality of the bed.
CNC Planer-Type Milling
Used for high-precision machining of machine tool bed and beam to ensure the assembly accuracy of the whole machine tool.
Plastic Spraying Line
Based on the principle of electrostatic adsorption, a protective layer is added to the bed to protect the bed from rusting.
Stereo Machining Center
Small parts are processed independently to ensure the accuracy of small parts.

ZPG Exhibition

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