Ground Rail Laser Cutting Machine
  • It is for cutting large size metal sheets, equip grating protection
  • It can be separately shipping in container, easy installation
  • 12000*3000mm working size (more larger size is optional)
  • Equip powers from 1000W to 30000W
  • We provide you with global after-sales and on-site installation services by engineers.
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Technical Parameters
R Series·laser cutting machingZPG-12030R
Processing format(mm)x3050
Table bearing(KG)12000
Maximum linkage speed(m/min)110
Maximum acceleration0.8G
Positioning accuracy(mm/m)0.05
Repeat positioning accuracy(mm)±0.03
Optional laser power(w)6000w  8000w   12000w    15000w   20000w   30000w   40000w   60000w
Machine weight(kg)15000
Overall dimension(mm)18450×3950×1800



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